Sayumi Mutō
Pre Timeskip - Post Timeskip


Kana むとうサユミ
Kanji 武藤 佐由美
Romaji Mutō Sayumi
Basic Info
Race Human
Birthday November 4
Age 19-21
Gender Female
Height 184 cm (6'0")
Weight 58 kg (127 lbs.)
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Occupation Reibushi
Harvester (bounty hunter)
Affiliation Shin's Team
Previous Affiliation Harvesters
Personal Status
Ethnicity Japanese/Russian
Reibushi Status
Ki Type Shinryoku (affinity)
Element Wind
Tulpa Kyōfū
Reibuki Chidori
First Appearance

Sayumi Mutō (むとうサユミ, Mutō Sayumi; ; ; ) is a protagonist and friend of Shin Barazushi and his team, and a notable former Harvester.

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