Ahmed Moktar
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Kana アーメド・モクタル
Romaji Āmedo Mokutaru
Basic Info
Race Human
Birthday March 1
Age 20-22
Gender Male
Height 174 cm (5'8")
Weight 58 kg (127 lbs.)
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Occupation Reibushi
Harvester (bounty hunter/mercenary)
Affiliation Harvesters
Sufi Islam
ʾÁlam Ṭarīqah
Personal Status
Ethnicity Iraqi/Bedouin
Reibushi Status
Ki Type Tairyoku (affinity)
Element Fire (affinity)
Tulpa Azrael
Reibuki ʿAjīb
First Appearance

Ahmed Moktar (アーメド・モクタル, Āmedo Mokutaru; ; ; ) is a Harvester and Reibushi. He is a dervish and a verdant devotee of Sufi Islam, in particular a remote, unorthodox sect called ʾÁlam Ṭarīqah. He is most commonly referred to by his nickname, "Zigzag" (「ジグザグ」, Jiguzagu; ; ; ); derived from the unusual shape of his Reibuki, ʿAjīb.


Zigzag has a very distinctive appearance, largely derived from his extreme devotion to his Sufi religious beliefs. His face is typically covered entirely, but for his eyes, by a red cloth; the remainder of his head and neck is usually covered with a black or grey keffiyeh, secured with an indigo-colored agal. Occasionally wears an indigo-colored taqiyah (when not wearing his usual headwear). Most commonly he wears a black thawb with a sleeveless red and brown sleeveless jacket; an izaar is commonly worn underneath.

Beneath his clothing, Zigzag is dark-skinned, with gray eyes, and black hair, with a red streak above his left ear, and a yellow streak above his right ear.

Perhaps Zigzag's most distinguishing physical characteristics are the numerous metal spikes which are permanently lodged in his skin (they are extremely sharp on both ends, and thus penetrate even his clothing, and thus are visible at all times). Zigzag inserted the spikes into his body himself, as a religious ceremonial rite of the ʾÁlam Ṭarīqah sect of Sufism which he practices, both as an act of devotion (with his endurance despite the severe pain of impaling himself serving as a sign of his faith), as well as a means of testing and accentuating his extreme mastery of healing techniques.